What is Aeonic Digital?

Building a digital asset platform for the future

Aeonic Digital is dedicated to the advancement of the next generation of sustainable institutional digital asset ecosystems.

We believe the new center of Finance involves industrialization of the tokenization of real assets – we call ‘Powering the Tokenization of Things (ToT)™.

Business models should depend on monetizing real ‘things’ and not solely on speculative behavior.

Our vision is to combine 500+ years of evolved traditional finance (TradFi) regulation with the power of the groundbreaking technology of DLT and Web3, to support widespread tokenization of real assets.

Beyond Crypto

Tokenization as a Service

Aeonic’s Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) aims to deliver a turn-key, no-code smart contract builder, asset-backed tokenization platform; providing multiple pre-built templates to support tokenization of a wide variety of traditional and new asset types.

Modular pre-fabricated, no-code wallet and consensus templates will enable nimble smart contract creation, book building, token launch, secondary market access, asset servicing post trade services.

White label and private label solutions designed that enable clear peer to peer relationships, will be at the core of Aeonic’s ToT digital asset offering.

Free Locked Equity

Adaptive Smart Contracts

Tokenizing an asset opens a new avenue for optimizing both the top line and bottom line by industrializing and automating the issuance and tracking of a digital asset or a digital twin of a physical asset, making transfer of ownership of rights both provable and secure.

Aeonic’s unique approach to providing no-code smart contract and tokenization templates, along with a diversified custodial framework, will enable quicker time to market of new products , more efficient settlements, increased asset liquidity, robust risk management, and broader investor access to digital portfolios.

A New Source of Truth

Diversified Digital Custody

Regulated, independent digital custody will play an increasingly important role in blockchain-based product safekeeping and consensus validation in order to better protect client assets and serve as a diversified source of truth of the digital ledger.

The 2008 Lehman crisis exposed serious risks associated with concentrated custodial relationships.

Aeonic aims to diversify custodial risk through random or programmed selection of diversified, regulated digital asset custodians for both token issuers and their investor participants.

We refer to this new framework as ‘Diversified Digital Asset Custody’.


Aeonic Ecosystem

Aeonic’s no-code smart contract, token issuance platform with multi-custodial trustees and validators is the next generation of digital asset ecosystems

Develop smart contracts, tokenize real assets, launch tokenized asset auctions, unlock captive equity.

Optimize liquidity, access new, diverse investment pools from family offices and institutions.

Protect digital assets, keys and ledgers with independent, multi-custodian trustees and validators.

Access secondary markets, lending solutions, reduce risk of inter-mingling of digital assets.


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